Unseen Fame

We seek fancy fame

there is no stopping it.

Hunger for bright lights

and pleasing monuments.

If we beg the question of

this immovable force,

of what we do dream

is not simple of course.

There in lies a heart

an essential key part.

Discernment’s from

the heart at the start.

What sets us at ease;

we will do what we please.

Yet what creates peace

is our logic we give at least.

Call it judgement

call it God’s eternal job.

Let us discern awhile

that which makes us sob.

For when we see

what makes us weak

we hide it below

where few can seek.

We dress ourselves

for other’s eyes.

The very thing that’s

a definition of lies.

I want to be remembered

by that which I have loved.

Where the chaotic discourse is

and how I did rise above.

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  1. Lee Dunn says:

    Very good, Jared.

    Liked by 1 person

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