Captain Clown

A light piercing a

loud tumultuous storm.

Home is gentleness,

there memories are born.

I sail upon sound

my head facing down.

I am a saddened clown

an apparatus I found.

For it is my duty,

dressing and full of passion.

A circus encircles

so I’m loud in colorful fashion.

Drown out the pain

deep within my empty soul.

Yet her thought elevates

then above I see what’s below.

Clamoring shackles

life fits them well on my wrists.

Keeps me from reaching

out beyond from life as it is.

So I dancingly conjure

incantations and musings.

It is a chaos I control

while all else does abuse me.

Here I am again

the great illusionist spectacle.

I am feeling fine but

my compass is not directional.

So I steer blindly

I keep the bow towards light.

I keep her warmth

that guides me in black of night.

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