Not Born Alone

In the beginning

so the story goes,

was a great sin

so burden arose.

Wise are we now,

we clothe ourselves.

Aware are we,

now here we do dwell.

Allowed to us

were minds to discover

where the err slumbers;

how to wake each other.

So the story goes,

inward we crave more.

Fine tuned luxury

the things we do adore.

The more we know

the more we yearn.

Our desires they do

consume us and burn.

Condemned are we

right from the start.

Freed are we when

from earth we depart.

The world is pain.

Always bitterly real.

So we must reach

other hands to feel.

Whether the story is

a work of just fiction,

we should strive to

relieve our affliction.

Knowledge does dwell

of how we keep us well.

We keep a record so we

could catch ourselves.

The fall was fresh we

fall every single day.

Thank God or mankind,

not alone are we either way.

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