Step Into My World

I was raised

in a strict fashion.

Emotionless father,

mother of passion.

I was taught it’s

a black and white world.

Learned have I

grey consumes as a hoard.

It is not one

way or the other.

There are avenues of

thought to uncover.

I fell in love

at the age of fourteen.

It fell apart

and I felt life’s sting.

Never could I

just love or just hate.

I try understanding

sight in many ways.

I see her in

my mind so clear.

Every moment

we had I hold dear.

I see her as

a teacher and mentor.

I have to laugh

or I’d fall to the floor.

There’s not just bad.

There’s not just good.

The world is so gray

it’s just as it should.

If we close our eyes

we’ll never compromise.

Old ways of thought

seep in venomous pride.

Judgement breeds

discourse and divides.

Such prejudices

stifle a healthy life.

So against the

grain I have grown.

Learned my family

me they didn’t own.

Still I understand

how my family thinks.

So I just sigh and

seek a pen for relief.

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  1. kristianw84 says:

    This one too! 😍😍

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