Blind Me

Storms in the east

fires in the west

some things move

faster than the rest.

Is there any way

you could explain

foundations crumble

though my mind’s sane.

All sanity consumed

my spirit has no rest;

I feel you move in

and out of my chest.

Push me off the path

I try and walk straight.

Immovable forces come

make me arrive late.

To the epiphany

born of my soul

where letting go

allows me control.

After natural disasters,

I’ll let you come in.

The storm is now calm

now that I do begin.

Heart beats faster at

your gentle laughter.

Stirs me to my core

now I see you after.

Where before there

was nothing to dream.

You hold together what

tries to tear at the seams.

My senses they don’t

make a single sense.

I refuse to see the bad,

let bleeding commence.

I’ll loose movement

in all my simple faculties.

And when you cry

my selfish pride does leave.

So blind me

make me see no sea.

Blind me so

at least I can breathe.

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