An Asp’s Destination

Which willowing path

will you traverse today?

My forlorn aspiring asp,

which doctrine convey?

For entangling briars,

that tend rip at the skin,

are found in hedge mazes

when lying it does begin.

It makes a soul squirm

uncomfortably awkward.

Lying mouths brabble,

lashing with harsh words.

Is the truth more than

you could possibly bear?

Hissing wisps of breath,

the truth it is not there.

What mighty run please

tell me when to look back,

to when your greatness was

then I could correctly react.

This person you conjured

why try fool everyone?

Was it an instinct or do you

simply do it for the fun?

The depths they beckon

your heart to be true.

For wherever you do travel

alone you will find you.

Not some grand tale,

in which you fool yourself,

would fill all the holes

you have bypassed in stealth.

Silent you have become

with a persona that is lost.

Down you eventually go;

a direction liars will cross.

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