The Perfect Pill

Pushing past noise,

presently I’m poised.

I gathered myself

after what I’ve felt.

The desert I roamed

before I came home.

There an oasis lit

the past, I faced it.

I’m deshevled grey,

from paths astray.

I looked inward

front and centered.

From what I let

pass via my sweat.

The clamor on,

my skin so strong.

Down my throat

in me does float.

The perfect pill

exuding it’s will.

Shook my core

when I ignored.

Life’s endeavor;

chaotic weather.

I, afraid to look

had not undertook.

With the bravery

it takes behaviorally.

For perfect fashion

to awake the passion.

Roadblocks I turned

away and I learned.

To escape and run,

fights I could’ve won.

Age has now come,

wisdom is now spun.

From trial and error

and escaping terror.

The perfect pill

inside me drills.

Perseverance’s will

to survive it still.

Inside chaos spills,

supplying perfect pills.

Let the tears flow,

they open windows.

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  1. Love the last two lines…

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    1. Thank you ma’am. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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