Escaping In Ink

I realize

not so easily

is the trek

to please me.

My mind

moves in speed.

Doubt do I

the need to see.

A chance at

gleeful bliss.

Friction shook,

mind’s amiss.

So I float

freely escape,

seize chances

to evaporate.

Loose myself

on the page;

air comes in

beneath shade.

Down below

when friction

afflicted me it

wrought diction.

So I look

at all the lines.

Slowly I begin

to press rewind.

After moving

damn quickly

warmth at times

becomes mystery.

So be patient

as I write slowly.

Alot me time

for I am lowly.

Pull me close

rapture me.

Give me time

so I’ll believe.

That writing

ink on the page

is liberating and

me trying to escape.

That time will

tell my story when


stops flowing within.

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