A Few Words For You All: You Complete Me

I am penning this letter to express my gratitude to those of you who drop by my site. I don’t spend the amount of time I’d like to on here but I want to change that.

These poems and songs I write are done rather quickly. Others I spend a little more time on than others but I have decided to devote even more energy to producing the best content I can for your enjoyment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Seeing the like button light up brings me a certain gratification that I can liken to a pat on the back. I have to admit I never expected so many people to drop by here and spend time reading what I have to say.

There was just so much on my mind and heart I initially wanted to have a site to plaster them to so I could tell my friends to visit if they had a chance. The validation from WordPress members is a certain joy that lifts my spirits during times I am downtrodden.

My life has been a complicated one.

Downtrodden is a word that can barely describe the pain I have felt emotionally that has left me scarred physically and mentally over these 30 plus years of my life. I have been lucky. In many ways I should not be here. I have escaped the jaws of death several times. Car wrecks, assaulted but still here. If you knew the details you would understand why I believe in miracles.

It is why I share as much of what I can on here.

Life is but a brief chance of enlightenment before we reach our destination of eternal sleep. The circle of life grasps every soul and supplies it with meaning and purpose.

I would hope eyes would move along this page, scanning it into the neurons of a person whom could see my mind and experience an emotion that is part of me. Thus in doing so joining me in my journey through the vast expanse of time.

You are important and you have a purpose. All of you. The capacity for beauty lies within you and though the world is cold and dark let us join together and continue sharing and uplifting one another.

May there be warmth in your heart and may discovery of new avenues of thought bring you perspective.

Wisdom is when we come to terms with the knowledge that knowledge begins when we realize we don’t know everything.

Thank you for your time, feedback and likes. You are a part of me and my life that will never be replaced. I am complete with your kind gestures and responses. Your likes and for simply just stopping by. Yes, you complete me is a line from Jerry Maguire but it is very applicable at this moment.

Sincerely Yours,


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7 replies

  1. There are a lot of supportive and positive people here on WordPress, I’ve found it to be a great community. I’m glad you are here and I enjoy reading your work. It sounds like writing is a positive outlet for you so I am glad to hear you will be focusing more energy on it. I look forward to reading more.

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  2. That was totally beautiful…I knew there was a reason I was following you 🙂 Anyway, ditto. Same goes for me. I think we’ve all had complicated lives that are made more complete by connections such as these. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts…

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  3. What a heartfelt post, Jared. Keep smiling and keep shining. And keep spreading those smiles, the world really needs them. 💕

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  4. Thank you for sharing 😇
    Stay positive and awesome! 👍

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