Beautiful Souls Do Beautiful Things


Those days. Those bitter days. Where I sweat and strived to a higher purpose. A cause beyond me. A place where blood and discomfort were alleviated by the power of passion. A passion to aid in a cause fighting for the innocent; the helpless.

The world’s cruel aspect. The chilling scenes of abuse. How voices never heard spoke volumes through eyes. I remember that place. Livened with fresh painted primary colored walls. Open and comforting. Perfect for the souls edification and perfect because lives, that could have been lost by the terrible dawn, were being saved.

Working for the Humane Society of Tennessee was such a powerful experience. Warm hearts packed tight in a place where love and compassion were hand in hand in providing hope for animals who otherwise could have just as easily been scattered to the wind.

I look fondly back at the warm souls I was surrounded with. Good people, good causes and good notions. I fell in love with one of those souls.

Oh, what a precious soul she was. Innocent and good. I look fondly back on those days with good memories. Fondly I run back and forth over everything I did right and everything I did wrong.

Yet I know my place. Fate, as it were, is a finite thing. The world remembers and latches on to good energy and in the end it is returned. I stand today, reminded of such beautiful thoughts and precious memories. They will be with me always. I will take them with me until my days are through.

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  1. How precious! I couldn’t work there. I want too take so many home.

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    1. Haha. It was a great place!!

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