I’ve Been Nominated For The Sunshine Award-Check For My Nominations.

I am not a person who pretends to be something I’m not. Writing for me is an endeavor of which I must implement great concentration and time. I question my writing skills because I should. I should always strive to do better and practice as much as I can.

So imagine my surprise upon reading that the lovely Yazzeus has nominated me for the Sunshine award. To quite honest I’m not sure what to do. So bear with me.

First and foremost, Yazzeus my dear, you are a deep and visceral writer and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Below is a link to her article she nominated me in.

I’m Nominated! The Sunshine Blogger Award!

While there enjoy her collection of articles and essays that are certainly drawn from her enigmatic soul.

Here are the rules of the Sunshine Award:

I’m checking off the list of things I’m suppose to do for this. I’m new to it but I find this interesting for the simple fact it appears a good way to connect with fellow bloggers.

Her questions to me are as follows:

  1. When it comes to money, would you save and spend and why?
  2. Which of your hobbies or interests are hardest to keep up with?
  3. Do you believe that motivation or discipline is more important and why?
  4. In education institutions, there’s a divide between those who prefer traditional books and technology. Where do you stand?
  5. Wherever you are, what do you like or dislike about the education system?
  6. Recollect a moment in time where you were feeling the exact opposite of what your surroundings. Describe it.
  7. Focusing on one inanimate object you hold close, create a short story that describes an aspect of who you are.
  8. If you can give your followers one every day tip that can make the slightest difference in the best way, what would it be?
  9. What traits capture your attention the most?
  10. How much privacy do you think parents should give their children before they become adults and why?
  11. What’s your favorite past midnight activity?

(1) When it comes to money my belief is that it simply is no good if you can’t spend it. Yet in the same breath I believe it is responsible to save and keep money available to yourself in case you find yourself in a bind.

(2) That’s easy, politics for sure. I love watching those who are suppose to be fighting for our rights quibble over partisanship to the point where it is more of a soap opera trainwreck that produces carnage that baffles the mind. It’s hard to stomach and keep up with but I always keep my eye out for a shining soul in politics that makes me proud of my country.

(3) I am a rebel. Plain and simple. So discipline comes second to motivation. I believe a person should be inspired and to be inspired they must have a heart and with that heart comes passion which spurs dreams and true self-fulfillment.

(4) In educational institutions there should not be a divide in the resources at the institution’s disposal. Both traditional books and technology should be utilized to achieve multiple avenues towards achieving academic success.

(5) Here in the states education is seemingly put on the back burner and it infuriates me. I think it a disgrace that funds for education go towards other programs such as military projects that are already funded sufficiently. As a result schools are not properly maintained structural wise nor are teachers able to provide the best teaching methods due to lack of funding which could allow schools to offer liberal art courses that stimulate creativity.

(6) There have been plenty of times at work that I’ve imagined myself somewhere else in some other town. So many smiling faces around me that are so unhappy with their jobs is very discouraging. People have to do what they have to to sustain themselves and their ways of life. So in a bitter arena you might say I feel indifferent to their discourse and am happy that at least we have jobs that pay us money to live. Might as well enjoy it.

(7) My bed side lamp is amazing. It gives me just the right amount of light to set the mood for my moments of zen where I take a pen and just let loose with emotions.

(8) You must be honest with who you are. Doing so allows you to correctly determine a course of action in everyday life. Being yourself is good enough. Never be someone you are not. People will respect your honesty.

(9) Intelligence and boldness. By boldness I mean ferocity…no fear.

(10) This question drives at the heart of whether a parent should be more of a friend rather than a disciplinary figure in a child’s life. Emotional stability in a child’s life is what is most important and having someone to talk to and tell everything to should be those in your family who should exercise understanding and accept who the child is as a person. Parents should respect a childs privacy if they ever want the child to show them respect and empathy in return.

(11) Double stacking oreos.

I nominate:


2.Frank Solanki

3.The Stories In Between

4.Beauty Beyond Bones

5.Awakening Wildflower

6.Freckles And Musings

7.Roth Poetry



10.Emotional Notions


My Questions:

1. Tell me about the kind of music you listen to. Genre and some artists.

2. If you could have any other life what would your profession be?

3. What countries have you visited and what are some countries you want to visit?

4. Tell a story about a moment in your youth that made you the kind of person you are today.

5. If you could change one moment in world history, the past, what would it be? Just one.

6. If you HAD to loose one sense, touch, taste, etc. which one could you live WITHOUT?

7. Of the two, what is most important in a friendship: the person’s intelligence or sense of humor?

8. If you had children, what would be most important, being a friend to your child or more of a disciplinary figure?

9. If you could have one super power, and only one, what would it be? (Eternal Life can’t be one)

10. Do you write for fun or as a profession?Would you be a professional writer if you could?

11. What’s more important in a movie, cinematography or dialogue?

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  1. Congratulations!

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  2. Thank you for nominating me😊😊.

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  3. Congratulations my friend! I love your honesty about how writing is an “endeavor” for you…I’m the same way. Sometimes a blog post can take me way too long!! Anyway, thank you for the nomination. I’m honored.

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  4. Congrats and thank you for including me in your nominations.

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  5. W A E L says:

    Congratulations!! ✌️


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