An Obstinate Muse

The future it came,

not its master am I.

Here I might shatter

but I will not comply.

Subservient musings,

here I stand amazed.

I will note the notion

see how a pen behaves?

Wrought bitter aspects

did newness require.

Shout at clouds I will

as the day slowly expires.

Will I be enough to

garner a meaningful soul?

Here I am now at

the gate which I do patrol.

At the edge of

all sanity and logic.

Pace I will this page as

an unlearned gnostic.

Knowledge is unknown

by me yet once again.

I can offer only honesty,

though blindness is kin.

I shall scour books

while reading my soul.

For what I can grasp

and what I can not control.

My soul does resist

fighting air I do gasp.

Shatter the future does

what I know as if glass.

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