Gentle is the night

swallowing gulls upon beaches,

where they lay young

while grass upon dunes reaches.

A breeze whisping

parting swirls of sand

that rises upward

then falls back to land.

My eyes have beheld

such glorious sights.

Peaks atop mountains;

beaches during night.

Seen the galaxy

have I beyond stars.

Pondered have I

meaning from afar.

My eyes have scanned

over many mysterious lands.

Over countless memories

which beckon and command.

That there’s no moment

which truly resonates

more than children whom

we should appreciate.

For life is a shifting cycle

to be shared and taught.

Where memories are made

and transgression forgot.

For what are we but sand

whisping around in the wind

if we extend no gentle hands

allowing experiences to begin.

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  1. Hey there…I nominated you for the “3 Day Quote Challenge.” Check it out at: No pressure to do it…just thought you might enjoy 🙂

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    1. Thank you Wildflower!!

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      1. Very welcome! Sounded right up your alley 🙂


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