3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 2, Pain According To C.S. Lewis

For a long time I have had a poem about hurt that I’ll share a little later this week. Hurt exists from the fact we are in touch with what true joy really is. The deeper we love the more pain we feel. The more in touch we are with our feelings the more honest we are with ourselves. Which can only serve to help construct an honest framework from which we can implement true healing methods that would help us cope with pain.

Yet in life there will always be pain. Pain is inevitable.

I think C.S. Lewis knew what pain was in its true form. A man who was an atheist who tried to explain pain but in doing so realized he would not even know what pain was unless he was able to conceptualize what pain’s polar opposite, joy and love, actually were. Knowing what true love looks like Lewis was able to make sense of the perplexing vexation life brings.

Consider this quote by R.M. Drake…

This 3 Quote Challenge has really got me thinking about words that have influenced me and this one I have felt to my core.

One of my faults is that I love too deeply. Some may call it silly, immature, gooey or what have you. Yet what I speak of love I truly mean. What I speak of pain I truly mean. I know both extremely well.

It’s hard to put on paper the depths our souls travel to. The pain. The joy. All are feelings that countless writers have tried to capture and transfix in a moment of descriptive lines in a poem, essay or article. Yet no matter how you put it the more you put yourself into something the more open you leave yourself to that something. You become vulnerable. A lot of times people take advantage of that.

Unfortunately man’s nature can be cruel. We must be brave and honest in the face of such cruelty. We must focus on the lovely things in life.

The lovely things in life are gifts we have to learn how to perceive as opportunities of discovery. These discoveries in life we look back on, or we should anyway, so that we might learn how to overcome pain rather than fall back into habits that continue to lead us to heartache and disappointment.

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  1. I SO agree. When my first child died, I was “quiet” for 3 months. Then something woke me up, night after night, at 2:30 a.m. every morning. I finally responded to that wakeup call by rising to “write my story,” which was my way of speaking for awhile. Now, through my blog, I am able to share more, to talk about the pain and in doing so, to help others speak, as well. It was never the pain that kept me trapped…it was hiding from the pain that imprisoned me.

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    1. Wildflower, I can not express the sympathy I have for you my dear. I am so sorry for your loss. I sympathize but could never know a pain that you must have felt. You are a kind and gentle soul and I tell you this, you will rejoice in your child’s company once again one day. Everything is bound together for a purpose and things happen we could never understand. You are a passionate and heart-felt person who will be in my thoughts as you fight the good fight every day. Stay strong and know you have my prayers.

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      1. Thank you…you’re a good soul. Yes, it took me a ton of time, but I now know and fully understand that my children died for a reason. And with that realization comes peace, beyond my wildest dreams. I WILL see them again…can’t wait! You’re in my prayers too…

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