3 Day Quote Challenge: Light In Darkness

I was mentioned in a 3-Day quote challenge from Awakening Wildflower. I would like to thank her and accept the challenge. Awakening Wildflower is a wonderful writer full of positive energy.

I’m relatively new and don’t know that many bloggers so challenging other bloggers I regretfully will have to forgo. Though I shall myself take the challenge to post three quotes on three separate days.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a person who’s life was taken far too soon. I guess eternity wanted him for itself amongst the clouds as so to make eternity more beautiful than it was.

During his life Dr. King was a profoundly quotable man. I guess you may infer how common it is to quote him but in this case, and especially now a days, this quote holds significant meaning.

That though we may reside in a world of darkness we should arm ourselves with the power of love and understanding. Getting angry and frustrated at those who are angry and frustrated only compounds the hate. In place of hate we should be examples of the light which is surrounded in darkness. We should magnify love, peace and tranquility and supply it in the void of hate.

We should love despite the hurt someone might cause us. We should face the hate, which takes bravery, and then exude what love calls us to be examples of. Sadly there are those who will always hate. Rather than let it befall a downtrodden countenance upon us, practicing warmth and kindness will leave us full of that which unites instead of divides us.

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  1. I love this! An excellent reminder to always emanate love.

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    1. You know I’m going to continue calling you Wildflower until you tell me otherwise. Lol! But thank you Wildflower. 🤣

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      1. I actually love that you call me that…you’re the only one! Makes me laugh every time 🙂

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        1. Anytime Wildflower. 😊

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