Doubt Doesn’t Heal

I’ve learned those feelings.

Yes, the one’s life has shown.

Now I keep searching for

the ones I should condone.

I am afraid because

the doubt it does burn.

But I ask myself how

with doubt I could learn?

I feel doubt rise

from beneath once again.

It is as if a breeze

striking upon my skin.

It comes as a chill.

Is it okay to surrender?

To the bliss of trust,

is it okay to let it enter?

The softness in release

I know that I need it.

But if it hurts again

would I be defeated?

Could I indeed bear

a hurt I’ve felt before?

Hello my friend doubt

I hear you at my door.

You come again,

you really have to leave.

Sail your ship back

using that very same breeze.

I felt healing come

upon seeing friendly eyes.

The isolation leaves me

pushing clouds out of skies.

Self consuming doubt,

how easily you do breath.

Resting on a breeze I pray

you my soul will leave.

You have been thorough,

a teacher I did not want.

As a vapor you did appear

and my soul you did haunt.

But I shall be the victor,

control me you shall not do.

I shall welcome the warmth

that only living beings knew.

So idle you have not lived

oh my dear misguided feeling.

You appear so invisible because

you take no part in healing.

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  1. I really like the way your poem imparts a wisdom that all of us need from time to time. You are right doubt has no part in healing! Very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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