Scatter Me Into The Sea

I think it okay

for you to think

that what I am

is company I keep.

My company comes

with no stipulations

as well as the fact that

I will not judge them.

In youth I have relied

upon other people’s eyes.

Now such conformity

is something I try and hide.

The comfort of trust

in time the world turns

into the dust that we

place inside of urns.

We take with us

nothing to the grave.

Our true meaning is

from what eulogies say.

Faded has the thought,

the fear of what they’d say.

Should I let it dictate

how I should be behaved?

Such a constraint,

it shall not bind me.

My loved family please

scatter me to the sea.

I wish not listed

down a line of headstones.

In a lot none have

ever thought of as a home.

Needed not does a soul,

whose kin they hold dear,

need any other eyes

to make fear disappear.

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