Avenues Of Respite

So cruel can be

the revolving day.

Creating questions;

coldness on display.

Answers elude,

leave bitter tastes.

Control is illusion;

cursing is a waste.

Wake everyday,

well earned slumber.

Seeing obstacles,

conspiring thunder.

We loose people,

ones we love the most.

While other burdens

use us as their host.

Agony ridden friends,

let not the world defeat

you from your purpose

or disturb you in sleep.

If you do dwell on

that which brought pain.

Keep your eyes open

so your paths go not astray.

Do not let the world

contort you to it’s whims.

Persevere past pain so

discernment rises within.

We can not change

the past nor should we.

For we wouldn’t know

what pain helped see.

Control we only can

bridle our own selves.

Make not your day

become a lonely cell.

Learn avenues that

steer your mind back

away from shock that

caused you to react.

Turn a page so that

your story moves forward.

Redact the scene and

lean on known shoulders.

Change what you can

let all else slip to the side

so as you stride forward

you and hurt don’t collide.

Consume the cruel,

being not the fool,

that they assumed

would do what they do.

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