By The Light Of Day And Night

Such a canvas

we have dominion over.

Such a sight

that begs us move slower.

Breathe in the air

feel how it does kiss our face.

Let us rejoice we

are allowed to explore this place.

If for a moment

we can linger and consume;

the tranquility

will help forget our wounds.

Remind nature does

that though water can rage,

that our tumult will

pass and deliver us in grace.

Nature it does reveal

during the day one sight.

Teaching one view while

teaching another in night.

Different sides exist

querying we should explore.

See might we what in

another light what we did not before.

Calm can roll peacefully

sentiments brought in waves.

So that we can bear anxiety

that maligns us during days.

Categories: Feelings, Inner Thoughts, Poetry

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5 replies

  1. Great piece. Being out in nature is the only time I feel truly like myself. It’s powerful stuff.

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