I Don’t Cry Like I Should

Those steely eyes,

that are angry to address,

me I do see what

your heart has confessed.

Are you so mighty

your cold shoulder shuns

those you call mundane?

Go find your hole when done.

I guess I’m the fool

to even define you.

As you wander halls

in such bitter moods.

For you there’s not

room enough for you here.

You my dear man

so easily can and do disappear.

Down the hall now,

you’re breathing heavy.

You’ve shut all out,

you’re no longer steady.

My reflection,

turn now you retreat.

What you showed,

I compete to defeat.

To myself I confess,

and until I am through,

I’ll try and shed

this somber bitter mood.

It’s when I hurt I

can become misunderstood.

I have to confess

I don’t cry like I know I should.

Crying it would

shovel out the rancor

that buried inside

only continues to fester.

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