The Blindness Of Pride

“Pride is the parent of destruction, pride eats the mind and the heart and the soul alive.” -Anne Rice

I shudder to try and address

those whom would confess

they do not possess regret

for subjecting truth to duress.

Pride at times is useful

unless it is not truthful.

Pride can make lies usual;

burying truth via refusal.

Of truths that we hold dear,

for you my friend I do fear.

The pride does hide and sear.

Your heart has disappeared.

Duplicitous cups are empty

and in civility denied entry.

Souls of the bold are plenty

but they must learn humility.

To your pen do retreat,

if one must sanity keep,

to find comfort in sleep

which sound minds reap.

Could we place blame

as liars do being so vain?

Look do we and face,

rather, battles of the day.

Absent of love is conceit.

The haughty can repeat

delusions of golden streets

they seek for their feet.

This world they do plunder

let not them pull you under.

Where your trust and wonder

are broken and torn asunder.

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