Where Gilded Dreams Appear

Gilded dreams do appear,

but the key to life is not here.

Scattered thoughts do clear

my somberness now to cheer.

Standing back from the paper

searching my words I do labor.

It’s my confession to my savior.

No more of, “I’ll think of it later.”

Not suppressing I do create

places where my mental state

is cleansing my mental slate.

Creating scenes I still debate.

At times rain does cleanse,

soothing states that I’m in.

I can look back here again

where I ended and do begin.

I think thoughts uncontained.

So I pray me not to be so vain.

Notions dwell in mental veins.

Here where I try staying sane.

The ever vexing situations;

the unbalanced equations.

My soul staged an invasion

of my mind for innovation.

In my mind there are fields

of grass I pass under my heels.

Evoking thoughts that I feel

that on paper become so real.

Know that I try to convey

reflections of light of day.

Warmth of people who say

slow me will not the pain.

We can go at a blinding pace

together a flight to that place

where gilded dreams behave

and introspection we embrace.

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