The Battles You’ve Won

I know your well earned fame.

From mountains you overcame.

None I know could do the same;

and none did you have to blame.

See the world at the top so clear

but beneath clouds it dissapears.

Beneath, vision is lost in great fear;

at the precipice one’s sight is clear.

Suffer not the clamor closing in.

That’s just the world as you begin

to traverse the trail back again.

It winds, turns and sharply bends.

Obviously you became inspired.

Though callases form on feet so tired.

Numb you’ve become for desire

to climb mountains reaching higher.

Learned much you did on your trek;

that obstacles a piece of you do collect.

Don’t go back to the scene of wrecks.

Garner peaceable sight; not bitter aspects.

Let the trouble heal with the time,

forget regret and let it not you define.

Regret shackles and doubt binds,

trials you walked leave them behind.

Your fraught endeavor did overcome;

the places you found are valued ones.

So take your virtue and teach me some

that were found in the battles you won.

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