Serving To Pacify

Are you going to leave

this open space in me?

Now you make me see

now what I can truly be.

Educated I already am with

knowing true bliss a myth.

You supplied to pacify this.

You did so with your kiss.

If you drift away so sublime

search in time I’ll try to find

the little things left behind

replacing angst in my mind.

When things get confused

I reflect on words we used

whispering at night truthes

of ways we said I love you.

I’m filled up to the very top

for a thousand years I’ve got

memories so time when not

is kind I can change the plot.

Of my daydreams of back to

fields of thought and avenues

that change me from the blue

to a color found that is new.

It’s a feeling I can now explain

that to be hurt is to be vain.

But I just wanted to simply say

the thought of you still remains.

Memories of you I do need

to reconstruct your beauty.

So when my heart it bleeds,

your thought will pacify me.

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