The Way We Loved

Travel did I once our road.

Release did I my heavy load.

Our story remains untold

beyond what some suppose.

A look speaks countless words

in a language that gives birth

to ideas others may find absurd.

Ones between us that occurred.

Such a bond is hard to break,

we knew at the start the stakes

and what with us we’d make

even in our doubt and mistakes.

I am hesitant to confess now

but others they need see how

we broke the rules and found

our love rise above the clouds.

We would laugh until the dawn

finding ourselves, us, to belong

in a story that belongs in a song

playing in our heads all day long.

The cadence, rhythm and beat

ran through us down our feet

that caressed while we did sleep,

while joy came in our dreams.

No words did we ever say

that made our hearts sway

from the paths we had made

that in mind now will stay.

The distance that tore us apart

were in miles that were too far.

But learned we did find the art

that we made sharing our heart.

We laughed away any discourse

never shattered was the force

that led us to embrace the course

where we had never been before.

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    1. Thank you Lana!!😊


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