Virtues In Reality

Scholars teach me nothing

of what my mind finds keen.

Nuanced can be the scene

of what I allow light to bring.

Crashing high above the sky

in thunderous chasms do lie

vast explosions in vast supply

seen not by the human eye.

We paint our truthes in a hue,

understood by what we knew,

when the world molded sinews

in us that we deem to be true.

What we assimilate to be real

is by how from pain we feel.

Underneath chaos we appeal

to those whom serve to heal.

Yes, the world was once flat.

Embracing fears we combat

the known and how to react

to what turns out to be fact.

I’ll tell you what I do find keen,

the core in both you and me

which calls us to travel the sea;

don’t change what you believe.

To discover new perspective,

that should be wholly respected,

from those who’ve not neglected

you or your sincere affections.

We have to be our own master.

We need be our realities crafter.

It is a gift from beyond ever after,

keeping us from natural disaster.

Inside the chaos we might find

colliding stars tend to intertwine

that which would serve divine

and what we should cast behind.

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