Set Truth Free

Lend me an ear please I need tame

neurons firing deep inside my brain.

To the brink I pray I’m found sane

by those who could think the same.

Of games that leave us perplexed.

Of how our emotions get wrecked

and our psyche they tend to effect.

Let them leave not bitter aspects.

Allow your heart to openly feel

pursuing things that which are real.

Tend do I seek mysteries to reveal;

because mysteries to me they appeal.

The jack of all trades locked in me,

he says look what I was able to see.

Found I did vanity and chaotic seas.

I write it down so my fancies replete.

Wounded hearts I strive to try fix.

Such pursuit leaves arteries nicked.

A rush of blood to the head’s a kick.

See my bloodshot eyes so transfixed.

My labored heart does offer a hand,

let us flee from those nefarious demands.

Lies do lie in fields amidst our land;

contortedly shred at our heart’s strands.

Peace will be found for your soul

when truth is allowed ears to grow.

Open your mind so you will know

hiding in facades could drain slow.

Life may tend to leave you so jaded.

Empty are personas we have created.

Leave not puzzles that need debated,

be who you are and not exasperated.

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