At First Sight

There is such a thing as magic.

Despite that life can be so tragic.

You will know it when you have it,

for your heart fills so fully ecstatic.

Moments can and do tend happen;

eyes meet and heal the saddened

souls with inner tender laughing.

Looks can heal if you grasp them.

When you feel such hold tight;

for warmth spawns trust’s delight.

True love can come at first sight,

resting your chaos in your night.

What will the story of you say?

As you stand with eyes displayed.

Emotions flow in a reflecting gaze

leaving you sustained all the day.

Tenderly reflected pools shimmer

in eyes where we catch a glimmer

of that which propels us past sinners

and overcomes over our bitter winters.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. kristianw84 says:

    Love! One of my favorites!!


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