Cooler Than Shit

I drive in imaginary cars

looking out windows of cabs.

I sleep in a room built in

a condo bought by my dad.

I dream about love

ones I have never had.

I love the thought of love

all while in reality I’m sad.

I cook grand meals or

in a white and grey microwave.

I wear the same jeans

laid on a chair every single day.

A convenience store

is where I’m currently employed.

Happens to be the place

I was told I was cooler than I know.

I guess when I was told

that I was as cool as shit.

It was just a guess that

was poor and badly missed.

That I’m cool is not what

I want someone to say.

Because I know the truth,

I sit in bed loathing lonely days.

I extend a courteous hand

and use positive one liners.

It’s a genuine notion that I

like lifting others higher.

She said that I was cool.

Cooler than shit were the words.

Little does she know,

such a statement is so absurd.

Yet from her lips and tone,

a place so magnificent did grow.

For from her lips such words

magnified her beautiful glow.

Never have I ever seen

a woman as beautiful as her.

I’m in love with the idea

of being in love with this girl.

Suddenly what I don’t drive,

suddenly where I sleep,

no longer matters nor not

the kind of shoes on my feet.

I’ll create words so that

you might could understand.

I realize I’m a typical man.

Not something so damn grand.

I feel a semblance of satisfaction

that she told me so damn quick

that the way I treat her,

makes me cooler than shit.

I beg the God of the sun,

bring her to my lonely place.

So I might be cool in

front of her perfect face.

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    1. Thank you Kristian.

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      1. kristianw84 says:

        You’re so welcome!

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