Thrills Love Can Be

I want to try to bring

others to intently sing

this and that everything

that passion careens.

For the depths that rise

passing from feet to eyes

leave us wholly surprised;

bringing to us love alive.

Though love is but states

of mind we tend to create

when we drown self hate

we need others to elevate.

Not but sadness for a soul

who’s dredged depths so low

and felt life’s cold form blow

down houses escaping control.

I can not control outside me,

I slow and take thoughts of glee

where in arms you’re with me

keeping my sanity wholly free.

I’ll be simple and simply say

thinking with love does save.

It rarely does or ever behave

but rather witty words display.

Creative minds are open to seas

that love; in the passion can bring

that roll over sand and seaweed

the thrills that love tends to be.

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