Resurrecting Vision

I heard what you said

now it moves my head

birthing ides I do dread.

My heart is empty fed.

Once you did hypnotize

back when I was surprised

by your wit you supplied

in times when others lie.

My enchantments blinded

the fact you are divided,

of which you had decided,

at the very start to hide it.

Your way isn’t the only

way life works you see.

I bought into your holy

vision you did show me.

I threw away the books.

See how now I do look

without strength shook

from me that you took.

Redness covers my arms

from your puppets yarn.

The loss of control alarms

me of how I bent to charm.

Complicated the decision,

to reclaim my own vision,

manifested great division

but now I see with wisdom.

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