C.M. : The Last Time Our Eyes Met

I wasn’t wanting to say

things to taint the moment.

The mood was calm and

I froze with a look stolen.

The appreciation of words

that rarely I ever do hear,

rolled so effortlessly down

your lips and found my ear.

I never have known a calm

that consumed me as you did

extending out kindnesses

exposing where my passion hid.

Buried deep within is bitter

as so goes my lonely soul.

Faculties left and my thoughts

from my mouth did not flow.

What I wanted to say to you,

as you finished your sentence,

was that my place is cold

and I am afraid of what’s in it.

My skies have been tainted

with toxins of rancor scorned.

My love that I have given

has been betrayed once before.

I must be cautious for I am

a weary wound down traveler

upon fields of anguish and

I bury deep sadness and anger.

What could I have said to

express how your voice sets free

the pain I’ve buried below

and sends it to sail upon the sea?

Where the sun meets water

is a location that is never found.

But I discovered bliss in colors

the sun has set upon the clouds.

They arose from warmth

that came forth from your eyes.

As I gazed at you I did ponder

would our souls roll as tides?

Together in step and key

would we find ourselves to be

found upon new ground

that is found deep inside me?

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  1. Très joliment écrit


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