Month: July 2018

Our Stolen Stare

It’s not just the moments, it’s where I beg for atonement. As if I’m here for your enjoyment. Whatever place you want let’s join it. I’ll pick up the tab for a smile, just linger here awhile child. Let’s not… Read More ›

Lest I Drown

I never said to you no. That I felt it and let it go. Things you wouldn’t know inside me tend to grow. If archers strike correctly, if I tend speak indirectly. Ask would I come respectfully where we arrive… Read More ›


I am a vision of steam in some vacuum seen as a westerly stream. It’s a scene so serine. Of an encampment born of souls who do mourn. A little space now torn for your grace you adorn. All eyes… Read More ›

Jaded Brain

The simple silence resonates through the deepest part of me. It strikes a chord of bliss now, now I must meet the exit please. The words are hard to find what lingers as you I pass by. The man you… Read More ›