A Life Of No Despair

Maybe the hedges are too close,

maybe the fence sits just below

the edge so that it must follow

the edge of the street where it goes.

Maybe it is as it seems to be.

This empty thought through me

of life’s little known harmonies

that lead me to better parts to see.

Follow the fence I will do first

before I fend to quench my thirst

that empty laugh, thought or curse

jubilant laughter will so submerse.

Congruent is the world fitting free

in images of a humorous scene

that joy of joy’s sincerity brings

and allows orchestras sound sing.

To the following crowd that beckons

watch close as if not to scare them.

Their definition and method questions

their scored amount of affection.

Not is nobler than a man who loves

placing someone else yet above

the flight that sings a pair of doves

that sometimes foolishly we think of.

Forget not the venture while there

raging storms finally meet the fine air

forever I will remain without despair

because my love of life will repair.

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