Jaded Brain

The simple silence resonates

through the deepest part of me.

It strikes a chord of bliss now,

now I must meet the exit please.

The words are hard to find

what lingers as you I pass by.

The man you used to know

is consumed by consuming lies.

Cipher I will not the codex

that has built the joy of my eyes.

Quickly I jot down some things

and remember how my soul cries.

Tormented by innocent musings

with which me I bring in haste.

Speak I will of your sustenance

though I know passion is a waste.

There are fields of grass where

no tree, brush or bramble is found.

Maybe I make a trek and endeavor

to seek places that possess no sound.

I breathe the smoke the devil provides,

turn and then say thank you good man.

Of all that I’ve known to be true now

is that pain and hurt reside in these lands.

I’ll find the back door in stealth now

as I see the wreck slowly approaching.

Dumure is the Dame dressed sharply

caution should be afoot as you’re going.

Forever though will I remember sight,

that of which my soul can sustain.

Of the bliss minus the white lies that

spring forth from the jaded brain.

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  1. Great work on this, I really like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dude. Thank you very much!

      Liked by 1 person

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