The Family Dinner Table: An Essential Anti-Bullying Event

So I have something to confess. I do so reluctantly but I feel it bears weight upon my purpose I initially intended this site to address. So ladies and gentlemen, whom I dearly appreciate, please lend me your ears.

Today, as everyday, our children are subjected to all kinds of ideas and deviant thoughts. As the brain develops it is conditioned to evolve our perception.

Our wants and desires to fit in socially for some children in our schools is a losing battle.

The basic social structure of a school is engrained by teachers who show favorability to some children while letting other kids in the school fend for themselves.

The growing wage gap in the United States provides some students advantages and opportunities that others can’t afford. Many other factors separate individual children whom at early ages experience bullying on a grand scale.

Privelage is a totally different aspect that plays a role in some kid’s lives. It can create tension and animosity.

Basically what I’m saying is that we’ve set the stage where children are almost helpless to develop social lives and acceptance from other children at times.

Bullying isn’t a problem created by just the social pecking order at school, but rather a reflection of a child’s upbringing.

Bullying tragically takes our children to a dark place that consumes them to the point of them taking their own lives. I can say there are worst things in this world but the value of life is living and too many children find their graves before experiencing this beautiful world.

I beg parents…listen to your children and about what they struggle with. Help them develop their self-conscious by making home a place where children can go to the backyard to swing, play in sandboxes and watch birds fly in the air. Not to be chastised or given ultimatums. A peaceful home fosters a safe space from the taunts, fights and humiliation that can be found in most schools.

Children as young as 7 taking their own life brings a hurt to my heart I rarely have the words to express. Senseless is that the innocent find death before they know there is more to breathe in lands across the sea in either direction.

The pain of humiliation is rancor now a days. Please always remember to hug your children and lavish them with moments of praise while constantly listening to where their child’s mind is as they sit next to you at the dinner table. Ah, the dinner table. My favorite and most terrible place.

Being in a home with an old fashioned self made lawyer at the dinner table is clearly a conversation to behold. My mother sat right across from me at times giving me third-degree burning looks from the days happenings. My sister sat to my right across from my dad.

I miss the dinner table and I realize the bonding that takes place there. How important it is can’t even be measured. A family is a pride of lions who eat together. Each make each other better.

This is a simple remedy to discovering the ins and outs of the mentality of your children. We must listen to them. Hear their cries and help them enjoy the world while reminding them that nothing lasts forever but that the journey of life is more rewarding while their still in it.

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  1. poetryfromtheinkwell says:

    Bravo, Jared! Well said.

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    1. Thank you. Teen suicide is a horror for me to think about and I have nothing but hope for those kids who despair.

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      1. poetryfromtheinkwell says:

        You are welcome. I agree, it is appalling when we understand how preventable it is.

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  2. Beautifully put, Jared.

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    1. Thank you Awakening.

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