Lest I Drown


I never said to you no.

That I felt it and let it go.

Things you wouldn’t know

inside me tend to grow.

If archers strike correctly,

if I tend speak indirectly.

Ask would I come respectfully

where we arrive ineffectually.

Construct we can a bond

let not my arms beyond

where they grasp so strong

for where I would belong.

An arms reach I never said,

no I would talk with dread,

about ghosts that are fed

and locked deep in my head.

Instead I would laugh about

scream, holler and shout.

About the things that clout

as a broken heart comes out.

Beyond the wall of sound

is where I will be still found.

Choking the serenity drowned

with no reply I seep down.

Down that way once before

where by my head I left a door.

Where you are no more.

So I strided upon the floor.

Pounding rift raft up the street

in tune with my own clanging feet.

So I might perspire and bleed

frown’s showing what I did defeat.

Though the bliss never found,

though we stand not on ground,

but where shallow waters drown,

only our heals covered right now.

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