What We Yearn

I needed some value

I wished to be like you.

See your truth’s virtue.

Then with me be through.

For I am a child again,

your excused for calling me friend.

I won’t be there in the end.

I will be casting out my sin.

Projecting and reflecting

what my voice could sing

as in air as if Angel’s bring

safety within their wings.

Follow your inner words

if your heart they churn

build bridges and not burn

this edification I must learn.

This window shatters shards;

upon reflecting so damn hard.

Have the dealer deal a card

plant gardens in your yard.

Grow faster grow strong

get rest for the day is long.

Time sends you where you belong.

Where you right your wrongs.

That bellowing sound heard

sprang forth in words

of what lovers have spurned

for bodies they yearn.

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