Our Stolen Stare

It’s not just the moments,

it’s where I beg for atonement.

As if I’m here for your enjoyment.

Whatever place you want let’s join it.

I’ll pick up the tab for a smile,

just linger here awhile child.

Let’s not create a denial

we shared a stare awhile.

My name is… without a word.

You came back with singing birds.

A name that seems so absurd

it is an enchanting flying verb.

That for which grasps my soul,

your name makes me loose control.

Of the functions of my flaws

you see them but then words grow.

As they do I see your perched soul,

mine is too black for this patrol.

Upon the dunes you command

I see you as if I am far below.

Because no one likes a rambler,

luck has found us some candor.

Everything I do I am thinking her,

and warmth surrounds this gambler.

For how many games have struck,

lest I give a damn or a fuck…

What’s crazy about my own luck,

is my life will evolve struck.

By the lightening in her eyes

that pop in brilliant rays delight

in this fierce young one so bright.

My own eyes have not seen such a sight.

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