Don’t Let Anyone Be The Master Of You

I want to take a moment to discuss a very important issue with me. You can be a mentor and learn to speak to youth who may be struggling with this thing called life. Everyone matters on this earth and together we could all reach out to youth and explain that emotions, words…are real. Find your voice and exercise your God-Given right to free speech.

Take a pen or pedestal and speak and all expansive universe your words could be. Create images of realms not yet discovered through the power of words, poetry, free writing, comical, straight-forward, a letter to life what have you! Be who you were born to be. The master and archetict of your little corner whether in fields of Germany, Europe and here in the States, the UK, everywhere!

Be proud. Let no one treat you with cruelty and escape a lashing on an ink and page or let some beautiful moment escape without monument and record. Live life in ink and paper. Be free of nonsense the world may hurl at your head.

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  1. kristianw84 says:

    I love this! So perfectly said!!


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