Jubilant Beams Of Light

There’s space reserved today,

this place where I misbehave.

Could be a tiger in a cage.

I can ramble as much as rave.

My stare is a moment I say

what the hell brought you this way?

The wind is too unfamiliar

and people here don’t fit your gaze.

You see here I put up with

the humiliating commands and shit.

That works away in my shift

where your words shine as if a gift.

How you’re eyes demand so

to lift yourself above anything trite.

To let people move along go

my friend go shine your bright light.

I serve, that is my employ

but I discover and report is what I enjoy.

When your moves make noise

and you make life your ambitious toy.

A cripple like me can only

offer a perspective and be reflective.

Of this journey my eyes lonely

have sometimes served me deffective.

You are a story and don’t fit

and that audaciousness draws me quick.

So I’ll try but won’t be that slick

because after what I’ve seen I give a shit.

About you’re quest beheld

by what your eye’s might translate as hell.

But as a light you cast a spell

and these tired hurt spiteful eyes are compelled.

One Comment Add yours

  1. kristianw84 says:

    Wow!!!!!! Just……wow!!


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