A Reason For Love

I get so swallowed by the echo

that bellows and sways in tune

to the edges of the dark room

where here you’re not so soon.

Trainwrecks and plane crashes

have come askew through news.

I don’t think they know that here

a tragedy that many suffer pursues.

It is the hopes and dreams made

that get get crushed under weight

that reality is hard to just suffer

and what we want often has to wait.

During a sojourn to dieing lands

I reach out for dust to command,

with my mind I can build castles

then fate washes it away as sand.

Pain is a bruise that never parts.

It is a tear and a scar that bodies

carry around under shirts so clean

yet it crashes dreams of everybody.

So we sort out the parts we need

create dreams with great speed.

For the soul needs the nurturing

the world neither supplies or feeds.

Forgive me to the world that tries

to understand me that to survive,

I dream dreams of soft curved eyes

lifting up that strive to bring alive.

So that the sight is so magnificent

and people should say what is meant,

so the truth is set free and not bent

so troubled hearts don’t bleed in lament.

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