Brain Therapy: Disasterous Relationship Vol. 1

I evoke a distaste for air

when I dream and you’re there.

I have left a many people

but for you I do not even care.

I changed my life, my soul

for all under your control.

Countless nights on patrol

for nights that took their toll.

Coldness and confusion you

did what you obviously did.

Then when truth was revealed

your face you tersely hid.

No ocean could quench a thirst

that just went terrible to even worse.

From your lips I had difficulty

understanding why you would curse.

Terrible notions, you slapping me

for widening out my arms just to breathe.

I can tell of a tale many believe,

you were the type to make them bleed.

No matter how many times

I’d tried to find your smile.

You’d dig deep into tricks

making beauty so damn vile.

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