A Blaze & A Fire

Obsequious motives move me now

from inch to inch I am left stout.

Want to know what it is about?

It is what my bad dreams mount.

An assault upon me so far serious

but it has left me all but delerious.

An assault upon me so far furious

it’s left those we love in fear of us.

Because we drive in a fashion far

my mindful pride is now so marred.

From where reality and fiction spar

let us arrive in fashion’s nice car.

Let us dawn a venture so much feard,

in what dawn revelead and appeared.

In a place we draw upon us so near

and even Angel’s find as revered.

Have the tone of a choir so soft,

set ablaze a fire in behind set aloft.

Let us discuss the terms of relations

and what our aquaintences have cost.

They have left me in a place of bliss

that for the God of Thunder I’d miss

because my love it is made of this,

where a blaze and a fire can reminisce.

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