Where Time Is Never Returned

I have been there.

Aghast with shock and horror.

In cages I’ve found myself.

The floor I laid there many morrows.

Pits of despair where men

would seemingly bury each other.

For amenities that would fancy

even kin who disavow their brothers.

For cages of steel and iron

change the perception of the mind.

Linger there long you’ll see

your mind becomes hard to find.

A true and vast wasteland

where you would do but just survive.

Waking into the morning

you are happy that you are alive.

Still as the morning passes

there are obstacles in your way.

Interaction with raw demons

this drunk lost all hope to display.

I have died a million times

I choke on this brilliant wind.

Reminding me the fight’s not over

after the cell I found myself in.

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