The Web Our Mind’s Weave


The purpose of you is to cling.

To the structures of man and collect.

The crawling and flying bloodsuckers

which in my leisure my comfort they effect.

A purpose and a circle.

How hideous yet amazing you do work.

In tedious fashion you weave

a tapestry of excriminate and in night lurk.

I am amazed at your resistance.

All the times under feet crush.

Your specatacle is a marvel and

you take the swarm in such a rush.

For the creepy crawlies that swarm;

you have created tapestries in storms.

That stay until this hot day born

and resist failing and being so forlorn.

I admire your persistance.

You live such a hideous existence.

But your purpose helps fit us

for webs we weave meet resistance.

Teach me how you monument

time by your strategic creations.

Such times I do as such are

creations of my morbid aberrations.

Where do we as humans exist?

Except for the logic we seem resist.

We will make our own personal

webs that allow our realities to exist.

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