An Adult’s Retort; Fly High


I shall not shred

nor eviscerate truth

but believe me now

there’s those uncouth.

Unrefined words

I shall not try breathe.

Of the person who

in once I did believe.

I’ve trusted myself

and the rest I give

up to the God of sky;

fly high bird and live.

I would be lieing

if I said that I

did not love ferocity,

making me feel alive.

People do as they will

restrain not will I,

as they lie in spite

and close their eyes.

The road bends for all

and winds towards peril.

I fear not my heart will

fall into vengeful carols.

Rather the opposite as

I see the truth unfold.

Not in juvenile words or

in hate is a story told.

For anger does reveal

such a guilty conscience.

We must let the young

fly beyond such nonsense.

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