To Love Makes Us Kin

I have beckoned God

to take the pain of loss.

I have paid in agony

crucifying myself aloft.

I fell far once yes I

was far below the eyes.

That looked out far

bringing biting bitter ice.

That bit disappointment

seeping deep in my bones.

From faces no longer there,

no soft laughs, just alone.

Agony came in waves,

from a life I wanted not.

From eyes never yielding

judgment as if like frost.

Critical, slurs do sting,

and harsh tones do bring

avalanches of distraught

songs mockingbirds sing.

See that the purest of us

need friendships at no cost,

and that just as everyone

use not judgement to tear apart.

Set your journey for an

adventure towards discovery.

That would enlighten

and bring a heart recovery.

Understand a heart can love,

then see we all can be kin.

So that we all may not

feel such dredging pain again.

For love numbs the rain

that would find our faces.

And erases the imperfections

that seem to find our places.

Love that of a friend that

would reach out a hand.

That would not seek devices

pulling under like quicksand.

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