Choked by the smoke

entering in my throat

this soul I do suppose

when hurt examines close.

Move on I must stepping,

all the while not forgetting,

to decline to the fretting

I find myself in some settings.

When my heart is fraught,

consumed in doubt I’m caught,

by vapor born brooding spots

that blind by burning so hot.

What I let seep down deep

replaying embarrassing scenes

in my bed before I sleep;

I pray the Lord my soul keep.

Doubt will take wholly

lashing even at the holy.

Learn must I mostly

to self examine so closely?

For doubt is a cloud which

makes uncertainty so thick

which consumes minds quick

making me tred through mist.

Break free and flow to shores;

the self doubt I must ignore

to avoid the thunderous storms

or crippled I’ll be to the floor.

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