To Love Again


I’ve been looking at your mind,

from the ink you’ve left behind.

Say what is there left to decide

what it is you did want to find?

As far as what my eyes can see,

what you try and do is to believe

all the ins and outs of your reality.

I see that you’re exactly like me.

I’m in awe of the things I saw,

so let me with my feelings draw

out those things that will thaw

the coldness; my heart is fraught.

Fraught with a fear sorrow knows

as the thing that impedes growth

of the strength knows my soul

that with you I would be whole.

What can I be to you if I can’t

contain, maintain or supplant

those things that make deviant

the things I do so convenient.

I do the same when I write down

the things my soul wants found.

I lack the ability to control now

my feelings and answers to how.

Of how I don’t really know when

I could ever love another again,

after my last love came and went,

my heart I feel has been so spent.

I’ve become not so brave to clout

what my shortcomings are about.

In the night I’m known to shout

and scream for life to let me out.

But seeing your passion grows

what my heart wants to know.

It wants no fear so it can flow

amid the darkness some do sew.

Let us gently wade waters friend

so the hurt can leave and I begin

to confide and feel love once again.

So I can suture my bruised skin.

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